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Technology Overview
Rarely do we ever need to penetrate the roof in any way. If roof penetration is needed the options will be discussed and agreed upon prior to any installation. The antenna weighs less than 5 lbs. and is securely mounted to a aluminum tri-pod. The tri-pod is secured to an alluminum sled or 3 cinder blocks that weigh 5 lbs. each. We place the antenna in a location on the rooftop so that it is least noticeable or concealed from the ground view. From the rooftop we install Cat5 Ethernet cable either into the customer's suite of into a telephone or utility room. We use an existing entry into the building to install the cable. If any sealant is removed it is always replaced and inspected periodically.
Kern Technology Solutions has been serving Kern County's business technology needs since 1993 providing business computer and network support along with voice and data cabling. The purchase of Kern Internet Services in 2001 enabled us to extend our services to include business class broadband Internet access and website hosting bringing to our clients a full service suite of technology tools with the convenience of a single vendor. We are Kern County's first public Internet Service Provider and Kern County's first Wireless Internet Provider. To better serve our Internet Customers increased needs for faster Internet access we upgraded our entire broadband network to state-of-the-art Motorola Canopy equipment.
Kern Technology Solutions, Inc. carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and are prepared to name your property as additional insured at your request. Our employees are also insured by California's Workers Compensation insurance with a certificate available upon request.
We respect your property. Our trained installers will ensure a professional equipment installation. We realize that it is a privilege to place our equipment on your property. In most cases no roof penetration is needed. All installations are discusses with property owners or managers prior to the installation. Any deviation in the installation plan will be approved before the installation is completed. Our installers are also trained in data and telephone cabling and communications so you don't need to worry about our technicians working around other cabling in your building.
Check out our installation photo gallery for some installation examples.
Bringing affordable Broadband Internet to Kern County reaching areas others can't since 1997


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Our Wireless network is growing daily. We are currently covering more than 300 square miles with affordable, quality Broadband Internet to Kern County including Bakersfield, Oildale, Rosedale, Lamont, Pumpkin Center, Arvin, Grapevine and our most recent addition, Shafter. Our immediate planned expansions include Wasco and Delano. If you don't see your area listed and you are located in Kern County call our office or submit an online inquiry for the status of your area.
We have several relay broadcast towers and equipment throughout Kern County. We place a Motorola Canopy antenna on your property rooftop that points to one of our relay facilities thus bringing broadband Internet to your building. From your rooftop we will need to install a Cat5 cable from the antenna to the inside of your building.
This web page is designed for property owners and managers to get a better idea of our wireless equipment  installation process. Our goal is that you feel 100% comfortable with Kern Technology conducting business on your premises. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.